The company offers solutions based on fundamental principles of business and management. Third eye staffing services have a strong focus towards this as it creates value chain evolving consultants, project managers and delivery managers. This also helps our clients to look at us for their specific projects & IT practices in mind.


We are service providers of Permanent Staffing Services etc. Permanent staffing assignments are those when you look to hire people on your payroll on a permanent basis. Permanent staffing is assuming great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. This is because an organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run submits hr adopt a methodical process in staffing.


At BNC Third Eye outsourced approach for supplementing and optimizing your talent acquisition to manage multiple hires within a specific time-frame. Our consultants use our proven proprietary recruitment methodology to deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, quickly and effectively. Prior to the engagement, our consultants will work with you to fully understand your requirements and develop a customized strategy for identifying, attracting and retaining critical talent.


We also offer assignment on a temporary-to-hire basis. This means our customer may choose to hire you directly after an agreed upon trial period, and likewise, you can evaluate the job to see if it works for you. This way, you can both see if the job is the perfect fit. Either employment option—contract/temporary or temporary-to-hire—allows you to be choosy about what work projects appeal to you, how fast you want to advance your career, and what work schedule will fit for you along the way.


It involves a staffing firm supplying employees to work on long-term assignments. Employee recruited, screened & assigned by the staffing firm. Challenges for companies are to have best qualified candidates across levels on board  optimum cost! Once the project is underway, our consultants follow a tightly integrated process and timeline to deliver multiple hires without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Our proven processes for candidate care, screening and evaluation ensure that you reach the right people to meet your business needs.


Temporary—or contract—employment allows you to choose when and where you want to work. Contract assignments can be as short as one day or as long as several years. In today’s competitive business environment, employers are increasingly turning to contract staffing for special project, workload fluctuations, and staff shortage. As a result, contract placement is becoming a popular career option for many professionals.